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Our Lumber is some of the best found in Pennsylvania. Well stocked original Reclaimed  Barn Wood, Salvaged Hand Hewn Timbers.  Salvaged Gypsey moth killed  Oak Wood Flooring. Green Sustainable building materials available at Dead Wood Lumber Company Inc. All the products are ressurected and sold to live again. Maybe some of them can get a new begining in your business enviroment or home decor.

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We at Dead Wood Lumber Company Inc. have a Reverence for Wood and respect the roll reclaimed lumber has in today's World. Our goal is trying to retrive as much reusable lumber as possible from trees that have died or that are dying, by selective salvage logging. The art of our job is knowing how to cut boards from old wood beams and logs that contain authentic old growth wood that is of the quality required for good dependable and charming wood products such as Rift, Quarter and Plain Sawn in either of our two Saw mills automated circle saw, or band saw. The majority of our lumber inventory is removed from  primitive structures built in the 18th & 19th Century.  We find other salvaged woods too that have long been forgotten under water or massive industrial timbers cut in the 19th Century and early 20th Century, mostly found in factory buidings. Many of these structures are destine for the land fill, so  we try as best we can to collect the best usable lumber from that end. 

Left: Quater Sawn White Oak 6/4 X 12" x 10' Right: Large spalted Maple 24" x 24" x 13' long

Below: Logs Ready To Saw.

Below: Full Line Of Dry Wood's In Warehouse.

Lumber Warehouse

W Right: Samples of reclaimed barn wood.

Allow us to  evaluate your wood land or unwanted old barns and other  old wood.

Left Center: Brown Barn Siding $7.25 per board foot.

Left Center: White Oak Beams for re sawing $5.00 per board foot

Below Right: HMC Saw Mill.

circle sawn hard and soft woods

                                                                                                                                                                              Above: Antique Oak flooring.

                                                                                      Above: We stock wide range of reclaimed Cherry Lumber 4/4 to 12/4

Below Center: Debarker and large storage building for logs and lumber situated on 16 acres.

 Our collection has grown into the many of thousands of board feet of some of the most unique lumber found. We invite you to come and look at our collection. Maybe you will see something you like to take home with you. We also have Old Doors, windows, shutters, antique tools, slate, stone, wood cabinets, old hardware etc...

Above: Circle Sawn, and band sawn hard & Soft Woods:  Red Oak, White Oak, Ash, Maple, Hemlock, White Pine, Yellow Pine, Chestnut, Walnut, Cherry... Custom cut specialty Lumber and other forest products.

Left: Large 300 year old Red Oak that was 5' in diameter cut into quarter sawn lumber and table tops.

Above: Re Sawing barn beam into Antique flooring.

Below: Our total inventory of dry lumber in our storage sheds and ware house is well over 250,000 board feet of ready to use lumber.

Thanks For Looking Hope to Hear From You Soon.  Call 814-342-2709