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At Dead Wood Lumber Company Inc.  Our Reverence for Wood  and how it is used is our number one priority. The demand  for reclaimed  and special lumber  products in today's lumber market  has changed the overall way  we run our saw mill .  Today our goal is trying to retrive as much useable lumber as possible from trees that have died or that are dying by selective salvage logging.   The art of our job is knowing how to cut boards and beams from  these harvested timbers, or from old wood beams that contain authentic old growth wood that is of the quality required for good dependable wood products. A big Part of our inventory is removed from  primitive log structures, or barns built in the 18th & 19th Century.  We find other salvaged woods in massive factory buildings that contain  structural timbers  of unique size and quality cut in the 19th Century and early 20th Century.

Left: Quater Sawn White Oak 6/4 X 12" x 10'  $8.00 per board foot. Right: Beech plank 8/4 rustic reclaimed $3.75 per board foot

Below: Hickory Logs Ready To Saw.

Below: Full Line Of Dry Wood's In Warehouse.

Lumber Warehouse

Left Center: Brown Barn Siding $7.25 per board foot.

Left Center: White Oak Beams for re sawing $5.00 per board foot


                                                                                      Above: We stock wide range of reclaimed Cherry Lumber 4/4 to 12/4 Prices range from $3.50 and up to well over $5.00 per board foot.

Above: Black Walnut Lumber we have a wide range of sizes available starting at $5.00 per board foot

Left: Large 300 year old Red Oak that was 5' in diameter cut into quarter sawn lumber and table tops. Sawn into wide  table tops and quartersawn lumber. Ask us about our live edge slabs.

Contact : infodeadwoodlumber@gmail.com      814-342-2709